Is Orthodontist a Stressful Job?

Orthodontists are often seen as having a great work-life balance and not being overly stressed. This is due to the flexibility they have to set their own schedules, according to Rebecca Koenig, career reporter for US News. Surprisingly, some of the issues that are generally considered stressful in dentistry were not found to be very stressful in the orthodontic population. These include “causing pain to patients” and “performing a difficult and unexpected operation”.

This reflects the desire of orthodontists to improve their patients' smiles instead of accepting the undesirable consequences of poor hygiene during treatment. The results of a survey conducted by orthodontists revealed that some aspects of their profession are indeed stressful. The most stressful factors, based on average severity scores, are presented in table 4.These include “dealing with difficult patients”, “working long hours”, and “dealing with insurance companies”. However, many other problems were classified as highly stressful in the orthodontic population, but these did not appear frequently in dental studies.

The job outlook for orthodontists is positive, as demand for their services continues to increase. This means that more job offers are likely to be available for current and future orthodontists. Orthodontists experience stress associated with their particular specialty, as well as issues related to general practice. Therefore, it is important for them to be aware of the potential stressors in their profession and take steps to manage them effectively.

María Victoria
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