Can Braces Be Used for Filling Procedures?

Cavities can be a real problem, especially when you have braces. To prevent tooth decay from worsening, your dentist may recommend a filling to restore the damage and maintain the tooth's shape. Fortunately, it is possible to fill cavities with braces already in place, although it is much easier to do so before you receive the braces. Your orthodontist will need to know the type of filling material being used.

In some cases, spacers may be necessary if large fillings are needed. It is also important to practice good oral hygiene for both teeth with fillings and those without. Your orthodontist will work with your dentist to determine the best way to do the filling around the orthodontic appliances. It is much simpler to fill cavities before beginning orthodontic treatment, so it is recommended that you seek dental treatment before starting orthodontic treatment.

The orthodontist may need to remove the support from the tooth receiving the filling so that the general dentist can more easily treat it.

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